Missouri FB Shows #BlackMONEYMatters 11.09.15
  Applaud @MizzouFootball Team for making a stand. They gave an ultimatum not to participate in Team activities until the school's president stepped down. Prior to the team's involvement a student was on hunger strike for the same desired outcome. Apparently for a week, that student did not eat, the president did not seem concerned. Today the President of the school stepped down.
      Let's not be fooled, he stepped down because someone did the math. If these players did not play in this upcoming game, the school would be contractually obligated to pay BYU $1,000,000. Not to mention the remaning 2 SEC games.
    The school had contributions rise 26.6% to $20,113,654 for the athlectis dept. after entering and winning the SEC Championship in back to back seasons. Tickets sales had a rise of 17.2% to $17,554,536 in 2014. 
      People let's understand the value we have, that school was not concerned until their $ BOTTOM LINE $ was threatened. This was a matter of GREEN not BLACK. The former school president would stil be employed if the football team did not get involved. 
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