S. E. (Ward 8) There Goes The Neighborhood 03.23.21
My Morning Swim
   A few years ago I decided to try a low impact workout to help stay in shape, at the same time preserving my body. It was lap swimming in a pool. I love it and can really see and feel the results from it.  I'm an avid fan of the water wether it be pool, stream, creek, lake, or ocean. While much younger my mother taught me to swim at the Ramsey pool, to some known as North Capitol. Shortly after I was taught to swim we moved to Los Angeles. Living L.A. we frequented the Sothern Cal beaches, I was in love.
    We returned to DC a few years later, moving uptown NW. Once back in the city my friends and I would go swimming in Rock Creek Park, right in the creek. Eventually moving back to S.E. I would go swimming at the pool and creek between Country Rd & Sothern Avenue, which is now the Southern Avenue Metro Station.
    A couple years ago I started to swim laps in the early mornings @ H. D. Woodson SHS. To be closer to home I started using the Barry Farms Rec pool. Once COVID hit the pools shut down along with everything else. Once pools opened back up DCPR put a reservation system in place to be able to utilize the 6 lanes that the pool has during a 45 min period. So that's only 6 patrons at one time. All this to say out of the 6 lanes when I attend I'm usually the only Black patron there to swim in that reserved time slot. Today was especially different that the lifeguard played a Rod Stewart playlist on the bluetooth speaker as we swam. HaHa growing up in S.E. this is just such a different experience I could never imagine in the early 90s in BARRY FARMS. Things have really changed. There goes the neighborhood. hahaha